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Highly qualified & licensed.
Best value for inspection fee.

Professional Burlington MA home inspectors can help you make an informed buying decision and help relieve home buying stress by providing factual information about the property conditions.

Our inspectors provide photo filled detailed reports and welcome and encourage clients to be present at the inspection because the inspection process is an educational experience.

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As a prospective home buyer, you have the right to hire Burlington MA Home Inspectors of your own choosing:

If a real estate agent insists that you use one of their “recommended” or “approved” inspectors, you should contact your attorney.

Prospective home buyers must keep in mind that real estate agents receive a commission from the property seller, hence, the agents work in the best interest of their client, (the seller.) Because you’re the one paying the home inspector as the prospective home buyer, that inspector should be working in your best interest.

The Top MA Home Inspectors need qualified home inspectors who service Cape Cod and the South Coast. Your listing could be here, if:

1. You are a licensed MA home inspector in good standing.
2. You perform only one inspection and report per day.
3. You do not solicit real estate agents for client leads.
4. You have completed at least 3,500 fee paid inspections.
5. You work in the best interest of the home buying client.
6. You have at least 15 years experience as a home inspector.
7. You are not on a real estate agent’s preferred vendors list.
8. You provide an accurate, honest, non-bias, descriptive report with photos.
9. You carry at least $1,000,000 in general liability & E & O insurance.
10. You respond to client follow up phone calls / questions within 24 hours.

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